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I am researching power adapters versus range extenders to bring the best signal to a new home theater so I can stream Netflix. I don't do much else (gaming etc...) and am not a tech person. I just want to enjoy movies in an area of my house that gets little or no signal. Didi I waste my money buying smart? Can I still do an ethernet connection off the power adapter? Should I put another router there instead--- off the adapter- so I can use the theaters wifi? Thanks! Too many decisions for me!!! Nancy
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  1. Having an ethernet cable run to the room in question would be the best option and while you may not haveever run wires it is not as diffacult as you may think and if you take the cost of the adaptors and extenders that your considering you should also get an estimate fro an electrician or networking company what it may cost to run a wire to that rroom. It could end up serving that area of the house with another router or switch.
    The power line adaptors can have interference from electric devices like a wasshing machine , dryer and anything with a motor. A range extender may be a better option and proprly placed can work well.
  2. Good to see this post ! Smart home is really hot topic. I’m gonna use a kind of smart switch which is driven by wifi and controlled by smart phone, who knows more about this please give some advice,can I change the temperature of air-conditioner ?
  3. This is kind of high technology product, different voltage, different temperature condition all sounds complicated.
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