Need to change the BIOS for auto restart after power outage

I am hooked up to a UPS, but when that runs out and I am away, I sometimes need to be able to remotely logon to my computer. Is there a way to get the BIOS to automatically restart the computer after the UPS runs out when the power goes out?
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  1. If your BIOS has that option you could access it typically by pressing F2 just keep an eye out for "Press X to enter setup" when he comp starts up.

    Not every motherboard supports this feature though and it appears to be quite buggy. You may need a particular motherboard with particular jumper settings.

    This proved quite insightful

    Or you could just get a beefy UPS that puts the comp into low power when the power goes out. A typical outage would rarely go past the 8-12 hour mark.
  2. I did find in the Bios under "Advanced" and then power settings a place to enable to automatically turn back on after power loss. I guess it varies with the BIOS manufacturer if this is possible. My was American Megatrends. I have yet to try it out, but assuming that will take care of what I wanted to do.
  3. You will never get any where in this world unless you try something.

    With any computer you can always back out from any program with CANCELS.

    One thing that you need to do is write down the changes you make carefully.

    You can always correct your mistakes if you remember to make a backup.

    If you make changes to Bios do not exit without a saving.
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