Sony cdrw not working with XP

I bought this cdrw, a sony crx1611-82e (16x10x40x) that works wonderfull in winME.

but, when i upgraded to winXP it simply doesn't record anything. i tried with the bundled software, with nero and even with winXP built-in cd recording feature. none worked.

has anyone had this problem before? i even installed a patch on winXP, specifically regarding cdrw issues, but had no effect either.

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  1. Did you check Sony's site for burning software updates?

    Try different burning software. Download the trial version of Nero Burning ROM. Get it at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. You might want to <A HREF="" target="_new">check first for compatibility</A> with your particular CDRW before downloading.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  2. I checked sony and b'clips site (bundled software) for updates. i installed them and nothing...

    the recorder works fine with NERO in WinME, but in WinXP nothing works...
  3. Sorry, I missed the fact that you already tried other burning software.

    Do you get any error messages at all?

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  4. i get no errors at all. the recorder tries to start and then just hangs...the software stops responding, and the only solution to get the cd out of the drive is rebooting the pc.

    thanks for your replies
  5. I've heard that problems with burning software can be caused by a corrupt ASPI layer but usually there is an error that points in this direction.

    Below is a link to the only problem description that I could find which sounds similar to your problem . It's for Nero in Windows 2000 but it might be worth a try. You could download the file, Winaspi32.dll and place it in the Nero folder. Try burning with Nero. If it works try it with the other Burning software.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
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