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please help me and how i secure my wireless?
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  1. To make a secutity key for your wireless router you take the and enter it into your browsers address bar and hit enter. That will bring up a user name and password window and you enter in the default user name and password that came with your router and that will then let you into the routers internal settings. You then go to the security tab and where you see the WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption option and you make a password or pass phrase for the router. Write this passphrase or pass code down and keep it in a safe place where you know you wont lose it. Then save and exit from the router and your done. the intructions that came with the router should have tose samre directions in the paper work that came with the router. Also if you go online to the web page of the manufacturer of the router and enter the help section you will alsop get those instructions for your router and they will be specific to your model router.
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