I need help with router/modem?

OK so to make a long story short. heres my dads setup: he has the cable for internet going into his modem, then he has the internet going to his router. the router is used for wireless stuff like my ipad and what not... then from the router, he has a wire going to his very old desktop. im building a gaming desktop for me. these 2 computers are in seperate rooms. 1 wall dividing the from eachother... i want wired internet going to my desktop also.
Whats a better and faster way to connect the internet::::: have a long wire going from my router to my room, or in my room, having the cable coming from my wall to a modem to my desktop. <i meen seperate modems>
im just afraid that the long wire from the dads modem will decrease the speed on the internet.

ps my dads modem is a surfboard cablemodem SB5101U and the router is a Linksys...
if the best way is to buy a seperate modem, what modems do you recommend. i like to have FAST internet if that helps, on my desktop ill need it do to me gaming on it.

PPS , i dont have my desktop yet, im still waiting for the case to build it...
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  1. OK in simple terms the standard maximum cable run for an ethernet connection is 100 meters so you will in no way suffer from having a slightly longer cable going to your new PC from your router.

    That being said its a pain in the 'arris to run cables through walls etc. so why not check you can get a wifi signal in the room your PC will sit in by using your iPad to confirm it can get an internet connection, then just build your PC using a wifi adaptor.

    If you look up your model of Linksys router on their website you might be lucky enough to have one that supports 802.11n (54 - 300mbps) however your only ever as fast as your slowest link and I suspect your broadband connection will be lower than your home network speed so a standard 54mbps adaptor (802.11g) will be more than enough.

    Hope this helps.
  2. The only problem with that is I want wired Internet since its faster
  3. Wired internet is not faster only more reliable. In fact generally there is no difference bettween wired and wireless as your slowest connection is the broadband pipe itself.

    You could have a gigabit fibre connection from your PC to your router and it would still only receive data from the WAN at whatever you broadband speed is....

    So a 10mb WAN pipe being used to download say a game off Steam file will use up 10% of a 100mb wired PC connection or 20% of a 54mb wireless connection.

    Only if your PC's connection to the router is LESS than 10mb would you suffer and even an old 802.11b wifi card running at 11mb would still out perform your broadband connection....

    How fast is your broadband link?
  4. You likely can not put 2 cable modems on the same connection. Even if you could the ISP would want money for both.

    Since it sounds like you have coax cable already run you could try devices called MoCA. These run ethernet over coax. Still real ethernet will be the most stable and simpler to use if you can get the wire run.
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