Motorola V980 - any good?

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I am interested in the Motorola V980 mobile phone on Vodaphone in the UK.

Does anyone have this phone? What do you think of it? Any good & bad points
about it?
Have you tried it with 3G services? Does it work okay with 3G?

Any views and opinions on this phone will be much appreciated.

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    Well i just upgraded from the V525 on Voda, to the V980 on Voda (PAYG).
    Its a brilliant phone, it comes with a data link cable to connect your
    phone to your PC and Motorola software so that you can transfer FULL
    MP3's from your PC to you phone (Also means you can connect other V
    Series Motorolas to this link also and use to transfer full MP3s). It
    also comes with a 30MB TransFlash memory card for storage of MP3'z,
    pictures or anything that you like. I've had no problems at all with it
    so far. Camera is good Quality also comes with a bright torch (Flash,
    but does not literally flash) for low light conditions. Video quality
    is ok. Never tried the 3G on the phone yet as the peeps i know only
    have standard phones. So to conclude if u want an MP3 player (i worked
    out that on a 30MB Transflash card i can fit around 25 Full mp3's as it
    compresses a 3 minute MP3 into a 900KB file), a camera, a small scale
    video player and the ability to do backups of your txts, write txts,
    transfer MP3's, Pictures and videos (through the supplied USB data
    cable and software). Then this phone is definately worth it. I sure as
    heck won't go back to my V525. Peace Out :cool:

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