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I got a ASUS A7V8X MB with the lastest (1010) BIOS. In ASUS PC Probe it is giving me temps of around 104 F for the CPU and 100 F for the MB. I also have an external Lian-Li temp monitor installed and it's giving readings of around 114 F touching the heatsink, not even in socket. Well the main question is, I got a thermal probe that came with my ThermalTake Volcano 9 in the CPU socket and was wondering if it would be possible to splice/solder the ThermalTake probe onto the Lian-Li temp monitor. Would it give the correct temps or would the temperature be off due to a different probe or soldering the wires?
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  1. Depends if the temp diodes the sensors are using are of the same type... otherwise it will probably give wrong readings.
    But I'm not a specialist in electronic temp measurement so I could be wrong.

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  2. Firstly I would not trust Asus Probe for reading temperatures accurately. The Lian-Li temperature monitor is not really effective if it's nowhere near the socket. Where would the temperature readings from the Volcano 9 thermal probe appear? In BIOS or in a Windows application? I'd be interested in knowing that before I'd consider splicing anything.

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  3. I wouldn't attempt splicing the diodes at all. The diodes were chosen be the engineer based on the voltage and current running through the circuit. It's also not the easiest thing to put two sources together. You would probably have to build a small circuit just to splice the circuits together, and then use a completely different diode to fit the circuit you just built. Just slicing it could fry the diode or worse.

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