Can't see my EPSON Printer anymore

I have a EPSON Workforce 840 printer that is hooked into my Netgear N600 router, it was working fine for months. My laptop is hooked directly into the router as well.

Yesterday I went to print and my computer no longer see's the printer, I've uninstalled and re installed the printer software, but every time it gets to the the point where is looks for the printer on the network, it can't find it and the installation comes to complete halt.

I also went into the printer setting and there is a selection for "Detect Network Connection" and this comes up with nothing either, when it looks for the network SSID it says "FAIL"

Nothing has changed at my desk for months, I've had no issues. I even changed the CAT5 cable that's hooked the printer into the router with a brand new one and still nothing.. :(

Running WINDOWS XP as my OS

Any suggestions ??
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  1. 15 Reviews and no one has any clues....I'm hurtin' for certain :-(
  2. Oh experts out there...guess I have to go to the almighty dreaded Netgear Tech Support for help.

    This should be good :-(
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