Having trouble setting up my new Wireless bridge (Trendnet)

I just received a Trendnet TEW-680MB in the mail. I plan to use it to connect my xbox 360 to my wireless router. My router is the Linksys Valet M10. The problem that I'm having is that whenever I enter the url address to access the setup wizard for the bridge, it doesn't connect. I'm not sure why because I have it connected to my computer via ethernet like the install guide says to and the lights on the front indicate that there is a 1000 mbps connection established with my PC (orange and flashing). My PC that I have it connected to is connected to the network/router via wireless connection and the PC is a desktop with high end parts.

Does anyone know what could be causing issues? I just want to connect to the bridge to be able to configure my wireless connection/security settings so I can use it for my 360...
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  1. Before struggeling too much , since you just got it then you should be able to get tech support from the manufacturer on the setup. Especially since your following the directions and it's not working.
    Shouldn't you activate the wireless bridge and then disconnect it from your computer and put it where you intend to use it to see if it works ?
    From what I remember of the install for my extender you do just that and it connects.
  2. Well, it says you have to connect it to a computer so you can access the settings and everything, kind of how a router works with entering an ip address to access wireless security changes and other things. It's basically a requirement to connect to a computer to set it up to be able to use it. I just sent technical support a email/ticket so hopefully they reply soon. :P

    I think it would be much easier if the manufacturers of these bridges made it with a usb connection and you could just connect to the computer to change internal settings like the router's password and things.. :-/
  3. I would treat it like a wireless device and by doing the first step of connecting it to the computer and having the router recognize it then you can unplug it and put it where it's to be placed and turn it on then go back to the computer and see if it is part of the network and then try to connect to it.
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