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I bought a new Asus laptop for the wife last cyber Monday, sadly it came with Windows 8. My wife absolutely hates it. Coming up on deployment I want to make sure she has a laptop she's happy with considering it cost over a grand. I purchased Windows 7 from and received it in the mail a couple days ago. I have been trying to downgrade from the 8 to the 7 but to no prevail. I keep receiving some 0x0 error. The harddrive is split pretty evenly so I was thinking about putting windows 7 on one and keeping windows 8 on the other so she has the choice. No idea how to go about that though. Please if you can help I would be very grateful. Remember not really computer literate so please breakdown barney style. Thank you
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  1. You can move from 8 to 7 but any software and any personal files will have to be re-installed.
  2. I backed up all personal files to my external harddrive already. Just don't get why I keep getting this 0x0 error code when I attempt to install windows 7 over windows 8. We use AVG as our anti-virus and i read that I should disable that, so I disabled AVG. Also went into command prompt and had it do a disk check and restarted the laptop and it went through the whole thing checked and repaired any issues. I then attempted the install again and I still received the 0x0 error.
  3. Do a clean reinstall. Boot to the Win 7 DVD and format the partition you want to install to. You may also need to install a sata driver during the install.
  4. I did format the second half of her hard drive then when i restarted it gave me the choice between windows 8 or windows OS and it wouldnt allow me to pick anything other then Windows 8.
  5. What's a Sata Driver?
  6. Its the driver for the SATA controller(what your hard drive is plugged into), without the proper sata driver windows setup will either not see the hard drive or will not install(bsod during setup). Try deleting all partitions to completly wipe 8 off the system.

    Install for $5.00 and never feels like 8 again.
  8. Roth6788,

    I purchased a new ASUS G75 loaded with Win 8 and bricked it 2 hours after getting it home. After a lot of trying and reading forums this helped me.

    I do realize that your wife's laptop is probably not the G75 I have and this may not help you as the bios options may be different. BUT, I thought if there was any chance to help you I wanted to do so. I sure hope this helps. It was a real pain in the ass for me to get Windows 7 Pro on mine and make everything work after installing a my SSD into my laptop with the 500gb that came with it.
  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Install for $5.00 and never feels like 8 again.

    That or ClassicShell for free. Either one and never see the tile interface, charm corners again. Way easy and cheaper.
  10. ^^^True getochkn, very true. Just trying to help answer his original question in case he wants a different option.
  11. Sweet thx for the info everyone, will try my options tomorrow when i get home. Definitely appreciate it.
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