Need help with unusual Internet speed problem

Hello there,

I have a Wireless router and 3 computers. Let me name them as A, B and C...
A and B are desktop computers. C is a laptop.
Computer A directly connected to the router via network cable. B is in my room and it connected to the router via a Wi-Fi dongle.
Computer C (laptop) is also using Wi-Fi.
Problem is like this. Computer A and C is ok. Computer B's download speed is very slow (the one connected via Wi-Fi dongle). I checked all PCs with
For computer A and C, download speed is 3.7Mbps. For B only, 0.9Mbps.
I thought Wi-Fi dongle has a problem. But, when I connect Wi-Fi dongle to Computer A, it takes the full speed. Plus, I bought a 10 meter long network cable and connected it between router and Computer B. But, still same problem.
Problem can't be with router, because laptop is working fine via Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Dongle also fine. Because when I connect it to a different PC, it works fine. Problem is with Computer B. What should I do? I did everything I can. But, still it has very slow internet speed..
I'm going to format C: drive and install windows again. Is there any solution except formatting? Please Help..

Duminda C.
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  1. That is an Odd problem have you tried updating drivers for the network on-board or USB dongle
    Is the connection locked at a certain speed 0.9 Mbps or does it fluctuate 1.2, 0.6, 1.9 Etc..?
    did this computer use to have this problem since long ago or did it happen recently?
  2. Yes.. really odd problem.. I didn't try updating drivers. I will try now.
    Computer B's internet speed is not exactly 0.9Mbps. it fluctuates. (around 0.9 Mbps)
    This happened recently.
    Thanks for your answer.
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