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I cant seem to open anything in windows 7. For example, I try to open up add/remove programs and literally nothing happens and the same exact thing happens to everything in my computer. As well, no videos seem to work, the script literally crashes as soon as a video from youtube or windows media player is played. im currently running in adminstrator mode and i tried a system restore but got no luck. I also tried running in safe mode but still the same thign happened
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  1. I recently had the same type malfunction with a unit, and after 6 tries (6 different restore points) I found one that worked.

    When you run system restore you may have to try several different restore points, several times, before you find a restore point that works. "If" system restore will run at all. On some computers you can run system restore from the boot menu, but there are different function keys to press (the F keys) on different brand computers to open the boot menu, and you have to find out which one applies to your computer.

    The full manual, downloaded from the manufacturers website, will usually show which keys to press to find the boot menu.
    The boot menu will have such things as:
    1. Boot from last known good configuration.
    2. Restore computer to an earlier time.
    3. Boot from CD / DVD drive.

    In case the system restore is a failure, set the bios (bios set up) to boot the CD DVD drive first- again, the directions to access your bios setup are in the full manual, downloaded from the manufacturer website.

    Put the windows 7 disk in the drive and start the computer.

    Select: "upgrade" installation.

    The upgrade will reload the operating system without erasing your programs or personal files.
    This usually fixes a major malfunction, but your files will not be harmed.

    In the last case, you recover your personal files from the disk and make a backup. Then reformat (wipe it) the drive and install a fresh operating system. Then put your files back on the drive...
    OR have a computer shop do it for you, about $200...anyhow your files are still on the drive, and can be recovered, no matter which method you resort to.
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