Two networks instead of one?

So I moved my modem & router upstairs and for some reason my home network doesn't connect to the internet but I can set up a separate connection. Seems wrong....should just be one. (And my internet connection bars in the bottom corner have an exclamation mark. Is it because this computer was on the network wirelessly and now it isn't?) Was going to just reset the router, but thought I'd ask around first before I mess anything up. Should I just leave as-is or is this an easy fix?


Pic here:
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  1. When you moved your modem and router upstairs, is the router still directly connected directly, and the ONLY thing connected, to your modem?
  2. Yes, the modem is connected directly from wall > to modem > to wireless router > to computer. Yes, it is the only device attached to the router.
  3. Closed...figured it out....
  4. adilhoxha said:
    Closed...figured it out....

    Don't keep it to yourself! ;)
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