Cant load any os from disk or usb stick

I deleted my windows partition today because I got a virus in windows. Now I cant load any operating system. I have tried to reinstall windows 7 and xp from cd and usb stick I reset my bios to fail safe mode and still cant load any thing. Does any one have any suggestions I have the Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 mo board and sandy bridge processor. I have the bios set to load from 1usb fdd 2 cd. Please let me know what you think I have been tearing my hair out for hours now!
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  1. how did you delete the os from the drive and to install new os you will need to format the drive
  2. Do you have a bootable operating system capable of running a windows executable to launch the windows setup process.

    Eg: one easy method that I some times use, is to boot from a USB key using Microsoft's Windows PE. That OS is still useful at times for system recovery purposes.

    Alternatively what Windows 7 media do you have?
    i.e. Do you have the original installation disc ?

    Another option would be if you have another older version of windows floating around...
  3. I had both an mac and windows 7 partition and deleted the windows partition from disk utility in mac. Any idea how I can reformat the hard drive without even loading the os cd?
  4. Isnt that the point of the os install cd to format the hd appropriately?
  5. Have you got any form of backup of that partition?

    Another crazy idea, but this would depend on what the end result is your trying to achieve - i.e. restore the system back to its previous state or are you just trying to get your Mac OS working again?

    If it's the latter, then you could consider installing a version of linux, and use the Grub boot loader and then create an entry for your Mac OS, if the Grub installer doesn't sort that out automatically.

    That might be an option to consider if you get really stuck...

    I am guessing from your last reply that you don't have much available in terms of bootable windows discs ?

    What operating systems have you got available to you and in what format?
    i.e. source media and installation files?

    As another random point - if the deleted partition and physical drive that holds it has not been modified much since your mistake, you might be able to recover it using a drive repair tool - eg: something like partition magic (which is a Windows product, not sure if there's a Mac version).
  6. Yea unfortunately I dont have a windows recovery and I cant boot any utility to load it in if I did. I will try to boot linux but I think I am going to run into the same problem.
  7. On page 34 the manual ( ) says press F12 for the boot device selection. Have you tried this? Does it allow you to select the DVD drive, or the USB drive? If it does, what happens next, does it start to spin up the DVD?

    Regarding default boot on the USB drive, on page 47 it says you can pick USB-HDD, I think that's what you need, not the USB-FDD, btw.
  8. the windows upgrade cd will not boot if you tried to make an bootable usb disk with the ms usb tool it wont boot.
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