Wired WiFi extender or AP

Is there a "wired" extender or access point out there?

I need to extend my WiFi to a place outside its range (and the new access point is also outside it's range). Basically have two buildings set up on the same internet connection so I don't have to get a second account and pay a second monthly fee. It's for my home, which is next door to my business, so I am not violating any agreement from my cable company or anything.

I can run a Cat 5/Cat 6 cable to the second building, and plug that into a network port on the primary WiFi router, but I haven't found an extender that will take a wired network connection, only ones that will take WiFi from the original router and extend it, but only if within WiFi range of the original router.

Thanks :)
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    That is exactly what a AP is. It is most likely cheaper to buy a router that has the ability to run it as a AP...but all routers can run as AP if you use the LAN port and disable DHCP
  2. Thanks for the info.

    Would a dual band router (with DHCP) work correctly? By that I mean would both bands be properly received by the AP router, and then transmitted via LAN back to the original/primary router properly?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, but WiFi is still relatively new to me.

    Thanks again :)
  3. Yes by default they use the same network
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