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I just got my system together, and everything is working just fine, except for one thing, and that's the audio. I have a sound blaster audigy gamer with klipsch 5.1 and i need some advice on what's going on. May it be the motherboard not compatible with the sound card. Here's what i get when i power up and prepare for some awesome audio capabilities. My speakers only give out a distorted low audio output to my speakers and that's when i turn the volume way up. Over that i get the "shhhhhhhhh" noise. Kind of like playing a blank cassett. But real faint in the background i get the audio distorted and low. What could it be. I already got all the drivers. But a couple of times i did get an "The sound card is not properly installed" and it told me to check it out, so i did. I must say it isn't seated in there perfectly, what can i do? Is that the problem? Thank You for You're Help.

My Motherboard is an asus neforce2 a7n8x delux

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  1. Not being properly seated could definitely be the problem, and not properly installed also, make sure its firmly seated in the PCI slot, and uninstall the entire software package you installed then reinstall the soundcard software.

    Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.
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