Ports won't open?

I tried opening ports on my Ubee DDW3610 and only one was able to open, while the others remained closed. I need to open ports for my PS3, yet I was only able to open port 80. I'm not too knowledgeable on the subject, so any help is appreciated.

P.S. The port opened when I inputted numbers into the Port Triggering section rather than the Forwarding section.
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  1. Please tell us what problem you are trying to solve. Normally you only need to forward ports to a server.
  2. Ever since ISPs from AT&T to Time Warner Cable, my PS3 has been having problems. I'm getting very low speeds and my games take a while to load menus now also. I also get disconnected from games and servers randomly. When I do a connection test it says I have the error code 80029020. Some of the solutions I saw were putting the system in DMZ (which I did), disable media servers (which I did), and port forward (which I am having trouble with). Almost every other device is fine (the only other one encountering problems is my Roku player). Any help would be appreciated.
  3. If the DMZ did not help then port forwarding will not help either. . .
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