My modem won't let me boot up!!

I want to apologize in advance if I've messed up by posting this same question in two of the groups here, but I wasn't sure where it belonged. Everyone here has been so helpful in the past... I hope someone can help me now. I just bought a Broadxent V.92 modem, and when I put it in one of my PCI Slots... my system won't boot up. The lights come on, but that's it. I've already tried moving it to another PCI slot and disabling the on-board modem in the bios... but now I'm stumped. Can anyone help me??
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  1. What sort of configuration PC are you using. What size PSU? You'll need to give us more info if you want us to help. You might want to first try running the modem in someone else's system to see if the problem persists there (to rule out a faulty modem).
  2. I would also suggest you to try the modem on another computer.
  3. Doh!! I should've known better, my specs are a 1700XP Athlon, 256DDR RAM, a ECS K7S5A motherboard, and a 350W Power Supply. Anything else you need to know? That's a good idea about trying it in someone else's computer... just don't know that many people with computers of their own... will try to find a way to try it
  4. Keep us posted. Let us know how you go.
  5. I've seen this caused most frequently by defective parts, although it could be an IRQ conflict (which would require you to use a different slot).

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  6. I couldn't really get to another computer so I ended up taking it back and getting a US Robotics for the same price *29.99*.... and it seems to be working just fine. Thanks for all your help.
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