Xbox on my PC?

Is there any way for me to hook up an XBox to my PC using some kind of PCI card solution? I've searched the internet for a card with the standard L/R audio/video connections and have not come across anything. Do any of you know of anything that would do the trick?
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  1. my question is why? and yes there are custom a/v cards for hooking up tv componants

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  2. dont know what you really mean...but for video
    i hooked up my NGC and PS2 to my computer using
    Leadtech wintv2000xp
    for audio i have SB audigy

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  3. Where can you get that leadtech thing? At any standard electronics store? I want to hook my xbox up to my computer because I don't have a TV in my room and I'd like to play xbox in there.
  4. I use the Viewsonic VB50HRTV to watch TV on my computer monitor. I occasionally use it to play console games, Playstation. It should work for equally well for Xbox.

    Basically, the VB50HRTV is a set-top box that works with VGA monitors. It sits between you computer and your monitor passing computer video to the monitor when in that mode. Press a button on the remote (included) and your monitor and speakers (2-channel only) effectively become a high quality television.

    I got the VB50HRTV because I wanted to replace my aging 15" monitor and old TV with a single device. Plus I didn't want to have to turn on my computer just to watch television.

    Anyway, it works well. Produces a tremendous picture. In addition to the cable feed the device accepts one composite video signal, one S-Video signal, and one analog audio. I use the cable feed for my VCR and S-Video for my standalone DVD player, that leaves the composite video, and analog audio available for a game console.

    Viewsonic also has a more advanced product, the N5 something or other, which has more connectivity options but costs more.

    Jaton makes a product which is similar but I don't know the details, or the quality.

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  5. That works very well. I have used a similar device.

    For the original poster, if your current video card has a video in you could use that. Also, for a stand alone PCI TV Tuner type card from Hauppage, Pinnacle Systems, Leadtek and etc will allow you to play xbox on your monitor plus watch TV and movies on your computer.

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  6. What was the similar product that you were using?

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  7. totally agree with phsstpok there....
    when I was thinking about playing console games on computers
    VB50HRTV was in my consider list
    the reason I go for TV tuner card instead was because of
    the price mainly.
    The VB50HRTV is something like 100+ usd, and I got my PCI
    tuner card for 75- USD after S/H.
    good thing about VB50HRTV is you dont have to turn on
    computer to play video games, and easy to set up
    about TV tuner cards is that you can record TV programs in
    HD, it's cheaper, and doesn't bother much if you have your
    computer on almost 24/7. BUT, you gotta have someway to
    input the audio tho....(like sound card or a good pair of
    speaker that will allow audio-in)

    p.s. TV tuner cards are found in shops like bestbuy or other
    computer stores......and for me? newegg of course =)

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  8. d00d, you need to hook your L/R audio connections to the PC's AUDIO card's "audio in" connection and unmute it in volume controlls. As for video, there are several ways it can be hooked in;
    1) Through a video card that has video in, such as All In Wonder cards, ViVo cards, etc.
    2) Through a TV-Tuner card that has video in.
    3) Through a Video Input card (aka Video Conferencing card) that has video in (these are simply a TV tuner card without the tuner).

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