Windows 7 + AMD Boot Problem Fix

Hey Guys! Samo here.

I thought I would share a valued piece of Information for computer-user's that have the new Bulldozer CPU's. There is a problem going round where Users would start up a Steam Game, computer crashes, Quick BSOD, then it restarts. The best way to fix the problem is by updating BIOS. #REMEMBER# Updating BIOS resets the current BIOS Values. Remember which type of setting your HDD/SDD is set to ( RAID, AHCI, IDE ) , since when you Boot it will crash the PC over and over again until the correct Drive setting is made.

I just thought I would share that for anyone still with this problem. I did have the Problem but After a Quick BIOS update and a Correct Drive setting, I was back to Playing my Portal2! :D

- Samo
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  1. anort3 said:
    Tom's covered this in the news section a few days ago.,15630.html

    I know but for when people can't find it. There is now this thread. As I said, I felt a need to post it. Also so that if it happens to me or my friends I can just re-look it up and remember.
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