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I have a Linksys E4200V2 (Dual Band 450+450, 802.11N) Wirless Router.

I need to extend its range so it reaches the back of my house and outside (it is in the basement).

I would like something that will extend the range, but not be seen a different wireless router. I would like the "extender" to pick up the wireless signal and simply amplify it out. I also have the option of wiring the "extend" as I have a network cable in one of my rooms.

What is the best option to work with my Linksys, have the same speed, and act only as a passthrough?

Thank you,
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  1. You are much better using the ethernet cable and putting a AP (or a router running as a AP) on the end. You want to avoid a repeater if at all possible, they tend to be tricky to get working well and you cut your speed in half with most since they double the total traffic.
  2. Since I don't know the layout of your house is there a way to use this ethernet cable to further wire in any of the other rooms or areas of that part of the house. The option I am thinking about is a four port switch which is just useing wires and not wireless.
    If not then maybe this will help.

  3. Thank you for the feedback. I'm leaning towards an AP connected via the ethernet cable in the one room.

    Are their any compatbility issues I should worry about?

    Can it be setup so that a device sees only one wireless network rather than detecting the downstairs router and upstairs AP? Are their any issues when a device sees both "points" as this will happen frequently. Do devices know to pull from the strongest signal?

    Thanks Again,
  4. When a wireless device sees available networks it will list them for you to choose from and it will still display the signal strength of each.
  5. If you use the same SSID it will always connect to the strongest you have no control over which. In theory the strongest should always be the best....but there are cases where the signal may vary..say someone opens a door it get associated and then closes the door. It may have been better off picking a different one. Once it is associated it will not change unless the signal level drops very low (you can set these levels) and it will then again select the strongest. I prefer to tell the PC what I want it to do rather than it select. To do this you use different SSID. This of course gets to be a pain if you move from AP to AP often since you manually must change. Mostly up to you both methods in general work well.
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