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I bought a newly refurbished netegear wireless router from amazon and it came with no information and/or passwords,eetc. I connected the yellow wire like the old one was but no password to get me through the security entry for connecting to SSID for lapto
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  1. The default password for Netgear routers:

    Username = admin
    Password = password
    For older devices, password = 1234

    There should be a reset button on the router, with the router powered on, you should hold that down for 5 to 10 seconds and it will reset to factory default. Then you should be able to connect to it with one of these addresses (just copy and paste into browser of the computer that is directly connected to router):

    Good luck!
  2. Open the web browser that you use: Firefox,Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and type in the IP address for your router,and press Enter.
    A window will open and then type in your routers default username and password,and press Enter again
    Username and Password can be located on the side or bottom of your router
    Navigate to the Wireless Security\Network Security Settings Tab and open to locate or change your WEP or WPA Security Passphrase.
    Use WPA because it provides better security.
    Write this Security Passphrase down and put it in a safe place to access when needed.
    Save settings and close your browser.
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