Recently, my connection has become weak and slow. Can anyone help?

So within the past few days, my internet connection has dropped from 5 bars (on the Windows taskbar) to between 3 and 4 bars, and is giving me a ping of 50-100 ms and a up and down of 1 mb/s, compared to my normal ping and speed of 40 ms and 20 mbs down/5 mb up.

I've tried restarting my router and computer, and even switching my wireless adapter to different USB slots. It was working fine since I built this computer in January, however this is the first time anything like this has occurred.
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  1. Most likely interference from another access point on the same channel. Try another channel. In North America there are only 3 channels that do not overlap others (1, 6, 11). Virtually everything wireless is sold defaulted to channel 6 (instant conflict).
  2. Is it possible to plug an ethernet cable into the computer from the router ? To test the internet connection and see if you get the same thing when pluged in by wire.
    You can also check and see if the band has switched from the 2.4ghz to the 5.0 ghz or the other way from the high band to the lower. You also want to make sure that your on the wireless N and not the wireless G.
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