D-link n150 wireless router will not connect to internet

I have a d-link n150 model (wireless router) that i cannot get to pick up the signal of an 3G mobile broadband optus prepaid stick when pluged in. I have reset the router settings multiple times and nothing. Nether had a router before this one .How do i fix this problame and is it possible that the problame is in the settings of the internet stick? Please help.
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  1. what model D-Link is it?

    router usually do not have a configuration option to wirelessly connect to a wireless Access Point. (Wireless Client or Bridge mode)
  2. You have to connect the wireless router to a modem by a wire, usually it's an ethernet cable. Does this prepaid stick have a dongle option that you can connect the router to by ethernet cable ?
  3. If you have a laptop with a wireless card in it you can connect the wireless stick to it and then plug in the wireless router to the laptop and get the internet signal into the router that way. The only thing is that the laptop has to stay on to have the internet supplied to the router. I have setup something similar to this and it did work.
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