Broad Question:What's the best game today?

I was wondering what game is the best game out there right now? I am not a fan of RTS games, but love FPSs, RPGs etc. I was thinking about buying Civ III, but other hot contenders are Operation Flashpoint, Alien vs. Predator 2 or ghost recon. Which would you choose? If I forgot a game, please tell me about it. I know this is a broad question, but I'm only looking for your opinions.


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  1. I have not played Civ3 yet, but hear its a good addition to the "Civ" name series...

    As for the FPS titles you mentioned, I would definitely go with Ghost Recon over Flashpoint or AvP2... I think Ghost Recon has more staying power (more people will play it, and play it for a longer timeline) than the other two titles... In Flashpoint you can ride vehicles (something you cannot do in Ghost Recon) but as someone who has played it I really didn't think it was all that cool.

    As for AvP2, I think I would otherwise recommend this title but the engine just feels to "plasticy" for me... I know graphics aren't everything, but in FPS titles which are aimed at creating a scary atmostphere (like AvP) it just takes me right out of the game when a cheesy looking alien comes flying out of the darkness...

    Of course, you should probably download the demos of these games and make a decision for yourself :)

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  2. I hear Civ3 rox. OpF and GR are both intense, with OpF taking a slight advantage if you're looking for an 'adventure' FPS (is that even possible?). GR is more of the same, although like sex, more of the same can be *really* good...

    I'd like two more loads, to go, please....

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  3. Lords of the realm II. Awesome game.

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  4. Tribes 2, I play it excessively. I also play Worms World Party at LANs, UT, Rogue Spear is still a classic.

    Umm...I just started playing Tony Hawk 2 again, decent game. The first one is one of my all-time favorite games.

    Perfect Dark is a decent FPS, but you'd have to emulate it (only on N64). I wish they'd come out with an emulator that you can use a mouse with.

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  5. Everquest the #1 massively multiplayer online game. This saying alot because you even have to pay a fee to play!

  6. Evercrack, you mean?

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  7. Dark Age of Camelot is amazing, great cure for an EverAddict.

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  8. <A HREF="" target="_new">Neverwinter Nights</A> looks to be better than DOC and unlike evercrack there is no damn monthly fee.

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  9. If you like FPS mainly, I can only vouch for a few. My personal favorite, the one I come back to after playing others is the original Aliens vs Predator. In terms of just pure stress release you can go berserk as a Marine (particularly if you use a cheat or two) and make the green sh*t fly! It's payback for the original movie giving me nightmares. I can't vouch for AvP2 just yet-- the kid will get that for Christmas, though I've been tempted to sneak it out of the box; my luck he'd catch me playing!

    A current favorite that a lot of folks think is lame is Blade of Darkness. There again, it's a hack n' slash, but it's not FP, it's 3rd. That's not a problem as it's kinda cool to see your dwarf's sharp axe bite into some goon-flesh, or watch the Amazon dodge and roll. Lots of gore, if that's your thing. Now if they'd just have made the thing playable in some sort of melee with more that 2 players at a time, the thing would be great. There's just enough puzzles in the thing to make it interesting, too. Most games require more concentration than I'm willing to spend-- hey, after all it's supposed to be PLAY, not work.

    my two cents . . .
  10. Hey I kicked my Evercrack addiction without another game, it took me around 3 months to do it, I relapsed several times. I cant even look at that game now without getting sick of it.

    Anyone here ever play the original NWN?

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  11. I haven't but that game looks like it will rock. It's like an online AD&D session. It'll be cool.

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  12. I change my vote, X-Com. Nobody has ever beat that game in my mind. I can't believe I forgot about it just because my old 486 is a couple hundred miles away.

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  13. I've never heard of X-Com?

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  14. GO STAND IN THE CORNER, YOU DONKEY YOU! :lol: X-Com is as classic 'a maze of twisty passages all alike', (ok almost as classic) you should try the first two, although terror from the deep was my favorite. The others suck.
    Thanks for all your answers: LOR II is a great game and on my top ten of all times. After Civ, Unreal, X-com and Counter Strike though.
    I heard from people who rememer Civ that Civ3 is in dire need of a huge patch, so I'll wait with that one. I am not a big fan of evercrack, although it's good, it just doesn't feel right for me. I was sort of interested in Anarchy Online, but I guess FunCom couldn't live up to the demand so maybe us Norwegians should do what we do best: Kill Whales, not avatars.
    Will DAoC be able to keep my interest for the three months I have before I get my work permit?
    The sorts of games I have enjoyed lately have been Deus Ex, No One Lives Forever, Baldurs Gate II, and the ever present Counter Strike. I think I have decided on OpF, but I am still looking for a MMORPG that I will like (preferably First Person Viewpoint, anti camping measures and not to stagnant (meaning that there is a reason to keep playing other than only gaining levels).

    Oh, and BTW I will get Neverwinter nights for free from bioware, Yohoo!


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  15. i would say the best game will be
    wait 4 more days...
    it finally went gold!
  16. Four looong days that is.

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  17. People who have never 'heard' of Xcom, *NEED* to be abducted.

    Mutons are always in short supply, IF you set your base up with a corridor.
    Stack, Pack, and Rackem for research....

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  18. Never bought Terror from the Deep, it looked too much like a cheesy sequel to me (and my one friend who did have it told me not to waste my cash). Was gonna try X-Com 3 (forget the title) but before I went out to buy it I started playing the original again and forgot that it existed :). All aliens are in short order if you make one enterance to your hanger, and have it be the access shaft, 90% of em always end up in those 2 places. Of course, once you set up 4 fusion defenses and a gravity well they'll never be able to land :).

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  19. So who's doing the abducting?

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  20. I have x-com but have never played it.

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  21. Here's a new one: Ghost Recon. If you like Rogue Spear, you'll love this. More realistic, a war game instead of a SWAT game. Practically the same engine, but updated. All the trees move in the wind, you can see people's breath in cold levels, etc.

    Very good AI, realistic weapons, etc.

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  22. When is it's release date?

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  23. It's out. Came out last week, I think.

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  24. yeah, I did a search for it after I posted that.... I might get it tonight... i've not decided yet... I do have to get a newkeyboard... maybe ... maybe not... who knows

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  25. You can always try playing that UT level I was talking about. That might help.

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  26. I was thinking about that. I haven't bought it yet. I might go and get the demo first. Just to see if it can keep my interest. I finally got my UT going again. I hate it. I have two UT disks (both of which are legal) and both have errors on them. They give me a data cyclic redundacy check error or something like that. I've found out that it's the UTTech1.utx texture file that is corrupt so I just Do the install then copy over the texture file from the other cd and it works. but it's a pain in the butt when I forget to do that. So I think I'll just make me a new disk that works fine.

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  27. Well I just got off of a 3am session of Civ3, it's another classic Civ game. Much better than the lame Call to power crap that got released.

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  28. Civ 3 looks great, good reviews here in UK.
    Operation Flashpoint is f-ing BRILLIANT. absolutely superb, totally open levels, great vehicles, great gameplay...loads of fun. not too good for netplay though as the code's pretty bad, but they keep making it better. Here in UK the GOLD version is almost out which has a extra Russian campaign and the updates.

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein, gonna be here this weekend :)

    FatBurger, Worms dude!! the only game with bannana, sheep and granny-bombs.

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  29. IMO Deus Ex is simply a classic, and if you haven;t beaten Half-Life u aren't a worthy gamer. I really want to try aquanox, but it won't let me play it cause I have a Quadro DCC and not GF3.

    If it's working...overclock it!
  30. So I went out and got Civ3 and Operaton Flashpoint. Operation flashpoint is cool, but right now I am stuck in a tank commander campaign mission... I really don't like the tank interface it's way too disorganized and also quite limited on the friendly AI side, but the shooter levels rock big time.
    Civ3... A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Ok, it's an improved civ2, with more features and finally good diplomacy features. However, it seems like Sid and the guys use the same engine as civ2 and alpha centauri and the AI is really, really poor. I accept some cheating from a game, but on deity level it's ridiculous. Before I have buildt my first unit the enemies have three-four cities. One turn I have equal tech to my neighbour, on a two faction island, then two turns later they have four techs more than me! Without any outside contact!
    I run an athlon 1.4GHz, 512ddr and turns take up to three minutes and I am just in the middle of the game. Bad, bad, bad. I had high hopes for this one as Sid Meier has always been one of my favorite designers, but there is only one 'innovation' in this game, strategic resources, which add a nice angle to things, but the rest is pure civ2 with improved diplomacy. Gamers complained about the turn length in AC, but on my system Civ3 equals a P166's turn length in AC. Don't believe the hype, Civ3 S*&#s.

    Never heard of aquanox, gotta check that out.


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  31. i ma no big gamre but i KNOW that the "soldier of fortune" games are the best games out there ! i have soldier of fortune #1, & the gameplay id very enjoyable - the game is very scaleable so u cam play it on low profile rigs - the plot is that you (john mullins) has to find these NUKES is severel continents & destroy them, wether be on a train @ night or in the desert in iraq !. you will need a DECENT up-to date graphics card though , thought i know that you can play it on a 11MB card !. there is a GREAT multiplayer mode for sermer connection & create server (its also good for a laugh). this game is the moast realistic millatary shooter out there !!!..go here for infomation :
  32. I really like Ghost Recon. The graphic's are nice, has great sound and the mission locations are very good.
    I also still like Counter Strike, it's not new but it still holds it's own.
    Max Payne was also very entertaining.

    Take it with you, be a MobileGamer :wink:
  33. For some reason I just cant get into Ghost Recon. Just too slow. Your teammates AI tend to border on outright stupidity. I generally take one two man team and complete the missions myself. Typically you have to babysit everylast one of your teammates. That gets old quickly, there is no option to tell them to find cover or withdraw when fired upon. Usually by the time one of them spots an enemy they are often dead or wounded. Ohh yeah, the lame ass load game feature! Unless you press quickload hotkey (which only reverts to your most recently saved game), you have to quit out to the main menu just to load a game from a previous save spot.

    However there are a couple of bright spots. I love the fact that you only get two weapons, and it's generally one shot one kill. Multiplayer is a somewhat redeeming quality, but only if you have a group of mature players willing to play as a team.

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  34. If you want the most for your money, buy Half-Life... if you haven't already. Half-life and all it's FREE mods are better than 95% of the fps out there. Screw Medal of Honor and RtCW... D/L Day of Defeat for free. Screw Ghost Recon/Operation Flashpoint... D/L Counter-Strike for free. However, there are some notable exceptions like Deus-Ex and Max Payne... these games are exceptional and worth the retail price. And actually, RtCW is actually pretty good in single player mode, but pales to Day of Defeat in multiplayer.
    If you still want some RPG ideas... I would give all the MMORPG's (Everquest, Anarchy Online, etc...) a miss and go with Diablo 2 and Bauldur's Gate 2/Icewind dale. Just my opinion...
  35. Just got into Ghost Recon. The graphics are good, the game play is awesome, but the AI is so damn stupid that I can't even describe it. I really don't like it when the guys just stand in predefined locations and can only act under certain conditions. It's just way too predictable. I'm also not a big fan out of games where someone dies if you shoot them in the foot. However, with enough people the multiplayer is the best out there.

    If they could combine Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon, and Max Payne they'd have a game that could potentially make billions.

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  36. HOLY COW!!! DUDE! That is my all-time favorite game ever. I played and beat it 7 times...and just couldn't get enough of that game. I had to give the game away because I lost my life!

    Amazing gameplay! Although, I really started hated the Ethereal converting my Commander and then my Commander going postal on my platoon...

    I feel like we're family dude!
  37. Are you on crack? gotta play that game. Don't mind the poor graphics...just wait until your emersed in the gameplay...
  38. I wouldn't buy Ghost Recon yet. We have been playing it online but it still has too many bugs. I even wrote them a hate-mail about it.

    BUG1: I can't play past mission 4...drops to desktop or freezes.
    BUG2: A friend of mine can't even change weapons in multiplayter without getting dropped. In order to change weapons he has to start his own server...change the weapons...and then quit and join our server!
    BUG3: Sound pops on everybodys' (my friends) computers.

    I'm really ticked at Redstorm. They have some "cheesy" fixes like disabling EAX. Oh I get it...advertise EAX but sorry you have to disable it in order for the game to run.
  39. Hmm, the latest good ame I've played is Commandos 2. It really has a gripping effect and I just couldn't stop playeng. In case you dont know (shame) commandos 2 is an action - 3 person game, in which you lead a gorup of commanos. great stuff

    Big hardware fan ... get it?
  40. no one lives forever is the best gaming experience ive personally had....

    i tried Morpheus..... but i didnt inhale....
  41. The sound popping is being resolved in upcoming patch supposedly. Really lame. There are also certain rooms and levels that cause screeching and screaming. It's unbearable. My onboard sound doesn't do it (does the popping like everyone else though), but the Snd Blaster Live does.

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  42. Yeah, I've heard, but I don't have time. I only play games multiplayer nowadays...

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  43. The best game....none of the above.

    The best games are the ones that play stably and don't hang, or crash to the desktop. In other words games that don't piss you off for your money.

    The other thing that is good is when games are finished off properly. In Oni for example you could see through the walls as you ran down the stairs.

    Good luck.
  44. "The other thing that is good is when games are finished off properly. In Oni for example you could see through the walls as you ran down the stairs"

    Just like in real life.

    Schweden für alle
  45. I totally agree with you. Especially the poor team AI and that freakn' load (or lack of) game feature!
  46. I was just begging my wife YESTERDAY about getting that game! Really good huh? Man your KILLING me. That game looks like it would have the X-com level of addiction...well maybe that's stretching it.
  47. Quote:
    Yeah, I've heard, but I don't have time. I only play games multiplayer nowadays...

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I seem to have throttled down my single-player game life too. FPS's are good for multiplayer because they aren't too difficult to quit. You can kill-kill-kill for 1 to 3 hours then quit. I can't get into the deathmatch stuff though. I prefer co-op play like GR.

    In deathmatch:

    1. I get killed by some 12 year old arrogant punk because he's just plain good (and doesn't have a job).
    2. I get killed by some 12 year old arrogant punk because he has a faster connection and PC.
    3. Cheaters

    Besides, I like working in a team environment. I really need to try Teamplay, but I've become spoiled from LAN parties.
  48. Am I the only person on this planet that hasn't had a problem with his SBLive! cards? I've had them on Via and Intel chipsets and I've never had all of the popping and cracking. There have been a couple of games where the EAX was jacked up, but it was common knowledge that it was the game itself and not the card that was the problem. Now my Hercules Fortissimo II, now there were some headaches.

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  49. I personally haven't had any problems with them on two systems (Asus A7V, Abit BX board). However, I have friends who have persistant problems. Whether it's the VIA chipset on their board or not, I don't know or care, but the sound does weird things.

    As for the problem above with Ghost Recon though, that's mostly the game, but the SB makes it worse than it already is. The popping I can live with until the patch comes out, but the screaching is just too much.

    It's sad when my onboard lan is more reliable than their SB card.

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