Win 7 BSOD - Bccode a, 124, 1000008e

I recently purchased a new mobo, heat sink, cpu and ram (details below.) The build went fine and it boots right away, installed Win 7 Home Premium and updated:

Graphics Card Driver
Sound card

When I try to run certain Steam games it crashes and reboots the whole PC. If I run a game I install off disc it seems to run fine, Witcher 2 ran for a few hours last night and had no issues (ran like a dream.) Some steam games work (Trine1, Hard Reset) while most don't (Homefront, Dead Rising 2 ect.) I've been googling a bit to try and determine the issue, and now have recieved a few BSOD while in Windows, not running a game!

I've received BCode:

I'm trying to open my minidump files but can't get the right program to do so installed (BSOD last time I tried to install.) Can anyone offer any assistance in this mess? I was hoping for a long weekend of gaming rather than troubleshooting, but of course any build comes with the ups and downs!

New Components:
Gigabyte 970A-UD3 mobo
OCZ 850watt PSU (from previous build)
16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 ram
Coolermaster 212 Heatsink/fan

I downloaded HWmonitor and all temps seem fine, I'm not OC'ing or pushing anything in the bios. I've removed all 4 sticks of ram and replaced just one and tried each stick individually. Thanks!
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  1. The bsod error code is incomplete

    it supposed to be in this format "0x000008E"

    you can download bluescreen view to help you out
  2. Downloading now, will report results. I've had like 15-20 of them in the last day, should I just post a few of each type?
    try updating your bios look like there a bug with some of amd chipsets and steam.
    also use cpu-z read the ram jdec info and see if the ram speed is set right in the bios.
  4. I updated the BIOS using the Gigabyte bios updated tool. The problem is it's only revision 4 that it self updates to, and checking their page on the 970A-UD3 there isn't a revision 7 out yet. Any ideas? I'm going to post the minidumps in a second!!!

    Here is the link to my mobo:

    The latest version is F5 (mine only autoupdated to F4 though.)

    In the AMD KB article:
    It links to a completely different mobo that does have version F7.
  5. Also just as an update - it's BSOD'ing now even when I'm not launching Steam games so I think I have a double wammy here. A real issue as well as the Steam/FX issue.
  6. Link to view my minidump log:
  7. Update - I upgraded to V5 for the proper mobo and Steam games are working! I haven't received another BSOD yet so I'm cautiously optimistic. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  8. One strange thing to note - in HWmonitor it only shows two cores (#0 and #1) whereas before the bios update it showed 4 total. Should I be concerned about that?
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