W8 help! Black/unresponsive screen(even after clean installation)

I have had w8 installed for about 2 months, on a completely new pc. Yesterday, after doing general mainetence I turned on the pc and got a black screen(screen shut down, nun lock not responding and so on -had no idea about this issue)

I hit the reset right away, and it booted, although a little slow, when I went to the desktop the screen went unresponsive, the mouse pointer was moving, the num lock worked but whatever I did, the computer did nothing(on ctrl alt del it showed the spinning circle for a few seconds , but that's all, the w8 features like side menus wouldn't come)

I formatted the hd, booted from cd and went through a new installation, once i finished the cd part(which went smoothly) the hd boot started, but when doing the initial setup( configuring the devices) it went unresponsive again.

"It must be the hd" I though, so I got one that wasn't being used, and proceeded with a clean installation, and same thing happened. First the unresponsive screen, black screen after a reset

In case it matters:
-p8z77-v deluxe
-evga gtx660 ti sc
-2x corsair vengeance 4gb
-haf x case

Anyone has any idea whT the problem might be?

Just installed w7, gave up on w8

sorry for any mistakes since I'm on a mobile right now

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  1. Do you have any other components like wireless cards installed? I had a similar issue where a PCIe card had been installed in a slot it was not compatibly with which, when changed to another slot (or removed entirely) allowed windows to function as normal.
  2. I have but it's from the motherboard itself, it's asus wifi-go device, which I don't think that may be causing the problem. Anyway, gonna try that,

  3. did you ever fix this problem? As I am going through the exact same situation except that I just built a pc and it is behaving this way also.
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