Which Drive setup to use ?

Im building a new system and trying to figure out which drive setup would be best to use.
1)Is there any advantage in using two WD 80GB SE with one
drive containing Win XP and setting the systems cache as the first thing on the other drive OR should I just use one
WD drive for everything ? I would like to have good performance, but also want stability and options for backing-up and storing data.
2) I know a raid can be used for performance or backup but Ive never set one up and dont know issues involved in doing it. Is the performance worth it?
I would appreciate any and all info...Thanks
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  1. If you put lots of ram in your system the need for a dedicated place to put the swapfile diminishes.
    I have a W.D. 800JB with a 5Gb system + swap partition tand a 75Gb partition for eveything else. Also i hav a second maxtor 80GB drive that contains movies & mp3s and backup stuff.

    My setup is fast and works well.

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  2. Thanks for the info.
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