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Hi all

I recently upgraded my CPU, PSU, Motherboard and Ram. I kept my original dvd drive and hard drive. I have an issue when trying to start windows, it shows a blue screen for half a second and then restarts again. I have tried to use the repair tool but it doesn't work.

The person in this link had the same problem :

and someone mentioned that you have to do a clean install as my hard drive was so old and the motherboard is so new. What I am going to do is use an external hard drive I have and make it bootable so that I can place windows files on there as I do not have the windows disk.

My question is, once I have booted it from the external drive can I install the windows from the external hard drive onto my old hard drive so that I can unplug the external one after I have finished?

Hope this all makes sense

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  1. no you will need a windows installation disc to install a fresh windows onto the new drive.
  2. No. Do not ever make a usb hdd a bootable windows drive! Dude. No. Just no.
  3. Assuming you have another machine to use, create your own installation disk for the clean install (as suggested)
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    U can make usb boot to install new windows, as long u had the installation disk, just copy everything Included hidden & system file to USB disk, and setup to boot from USB first. Has done it with my old Pc with broken optical drive..........

    edit : u do not even need external hdd, usb flash disk can do the job quite well..... (some external enclosure cannot be detected in bios)
  5. ok thanks rdc, I have just bought a usb flash disk as it didn't let me use the external HD.
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  7. thank u, i hope it solve your problem....
  8. It's exceptional foolish to use a USB flash drive as a boot drive as I presume you're using USB 2.0, most flash drives are 8MB/S write speed and 15MB read speed, compare that to 80MB/s write 120MB/s of a an actual HDD drive. So your computer will take a very very long time to load.

    Frankly if you go through with this, enjoy your damn slow computer.
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