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I have a Netgear WGR614v7 router and a Kindle Keyboard 3G/WiFi and was having lots of trouble connecting. Solved the problem by going to Netgear Smart Wizard Page (URL can be found underneath the router, and it's all numbers. ///When you get to the homepage, look at the wizard menu on the left-hand side. Find "Advanced" column and then click on "Advanced Settings." You'll see "Wireless Card Access List" on the page that comes up. Click "Setup Access List" and then enter your Kindle's Wi-Fi MAC address, which you can get from the Device Info on Settings page in the menu. If Netgear won't accept the name of your Kindle, just call it unknown, then hit apply. Give it all a minute, then try again to log on to your WiFi network from Kindle...and voila! You're in...finally!!! (So much for the Amazon tech who told me I need a new router!) Hope this helps someone (or many people!).
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  1. There actually have been a few questions with people with Kindles and trying to connect and not getting in.
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