How to find or change your wireless security key

how can i update my software for the linksys
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  1. What you need to do is to login to you router's control panel (you can
    do so by entering in your browser) You will be prompted
    for your user and password. By default linksys has put its username
    blank and the password as 'admin'. Then, go under wireless security
    and choose the Security mode.

    You will be asked to enter a Passphrase and key will be generated. The
    key is the 'password' that your computer will ask you if you were to
    access the net through your router. If you do not have the key, it
    will turn down your request. Thus, making you not able to use the
    If you were to pull the power connection out of the router and then
    push in the reset button on the back, plug in the connector and count
    to 30 you will have reset the router to its unsecured mode. Now you
    can get any number of computers to talk to the router. Of course so
    can anyone else. If security is an issue for you (and it probably is)
    go to and follow the very easy instuctions to secure
    your network.
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