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When i brought my laptop it had/has 4gb of ram, But was running 32bit windows Pro 7 and the ram was 2.99gb used so i formatted and put on my own copy of windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and all was good till about a week ago when i noticed a degrade in my game performance from the norm. I was checking everything, Video card settings, Ram and cpu bios settings etc and i had a hunch so i went to the Computer Information screen (Right click on computer and properties) Noticing that the ram said 2.99gb usable again i immediately checked the Version of windows and it says Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

Now my question is how the hell does this happen? I didn't think windows versions could up or downgrade like that?
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  1. They cant. You re-installed 32 bit Windows 7. Your mistake, reinstall 64 bit.
  2. Does your system support 64bit?
  3. Yea that doesnt make sence. What CPU do you have so i can check if its 64-bit compatible?
  4. You have to check if your system supports 64bit.
  5. I have a hp pavilion dv6-2114tx, I didnt think it was possible but the version of windows 7 ultimate only has a 64bit installer that i know of, My other desktop has the same windows version installed and its still 64bit with 6 gigs ram.

    Thanks for the replies guys!
  6. Hello Nomad2012;

    You need to look elsewhere for changing in your gaming performance. It's not the RAM amount.
    64bit or 32bit - the gaming performance is going to be close enough you'd not notice the difference.
  7. Thanks WR2! I will look more closely into it!
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