How many devices can a century link router handle

how many devices can my century link modem/router handle? i have 2 iphone 4s's a Mac and 2 ps3's is this to much for it? i have a desktop pc that stays wired in.
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  1. You have four wired ports in the back which can be connected to hubs and switches abd then the wireless connections are only limited by the number of addresses. Usually it goes from 0 to 100 0n the addresses that can be used in a router. So the answer is 100.
  2. I know it can support a 100 passed on avaliable up adresses. But can it support those without bogging down any? I don't want to put to many on there causing it to be very slow or not responsive.

    Based not passed -_- my bad
  3. There is likely no limit on even the number of IP addresses unless it has some strange restriction.

    It may not really matter.... Some of the more common things that limit a router are how many NAT entries it can have (bit torrent uses a lot) and how much cpu it has to encrypt data for wireless. I am sure it also has some limit to unique mac addresses etc etc.

    The bottom line will be the router can handle more devices than your internet connection can handle. You will run out of bandwidth first. No way to say how many devices it can be. It could be 2 if they both were pulling huge amounts of data.

    A larger concern would be how many wireless devices you can actually use and this does not really depend on the router. Wireless is a free for all and the devices transmit over the top of each other causing errors for all. The more active devices you have the slower it gets. Again you will run out of wireless bandwidth well before the router runs out of processing power.
  4. There should be a hardware limit to the number of connected clients, but it is usually a large number (for home use). Otherwise you can limit the number of connected clients from your router configutation either through DHCP Pool (number of addresses available to be issued to users), or an "connected clients" field where you can manually enter a number yourself.
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