My router should have QoS settings?

So my ISP (Telus) recently replaced our old router with a ZyXEL VSG1432. I'm currently having a huge lag issue when my roommates laptop is connected to our network. He is connected via wireless, I'm wired. So I did some searching around and I think i can solve this by limiting his bandwidth with QoS settings. I'm getting conflicting information here though. After logging into the router there are no QoS options yet according to ZyXEL's website This router should have the settings available. Is it possible that Telus does something to remove this feature? Is there some not so obvious way to enable QoS? Is there some other way to limit the bandwidth?
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    If you looked at the manual ( ) pages 151-170 and cannot fine the QoS settings, contact your ISP and ask if they have been disabled and whether there is a new firmware to enable their use.
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