2 wishes: watching internet content and listening to music library

Greetings all;

I'm not sure this is the right forum - I didn't really see a better place. Please move if there's a better slot (just tell me where you put it!). I am also a former computer techie (back in the mid '90s) - now pretty much a techie novice - please be kind!

My desktop computer currently resides in my living room. In addition to doing everything computer-related on it, I am using it to build my digital music library (tired of swapping cd's on my stereo). It is also my "TV" - all internet content - mostly major networks (ABC, CBS, USA etc) and netflix - I do not own an actual TV. I have a newer router for wifi internet access (for whatever that's worth).

I need to move my desktop computer to my office - about 60-70 ft away (as a cable goes) - only 1 real wall.

I have 2 wishes:

A) I want to listen to my new digital music library on my stereo in the living room.

B) I want to continue watching internet content TV/Movies in the comfort of my living room. I am not looking to use my PC to 'stream' content - the content is off the internet - not on my pc.

What is the best way to accomplish these two wishes?

With respect to Q A: I think I've learned a little about a 'slingbox' (?) - that would allow me to wirelessly send my music to the slingbox, which is plugged into my stereo and voila' - Music! As I understand things (and I probably Don't!) my only other option would be a computer in the living room, with audio cables plugged into my receiver, just to listen to my music.

With respect to Q B: Can I do this wirelessly? Should I buy a TV and somehow wire or wirelessly connect it to my desktop; or should I buy a second monitor and do the same thing?

As an aside: I do have an old windows XP computer sitting in the garage (my dad's) which I never got around to recycling. Does this help me at all? Can I use it to accomplish A and B? Seems reasonable. Guessing I would need a new video card? updated software of course (IE or firefox). I think it's ethernet cable enabled - haven't actually opened the box yet - it's been there about 4 years?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. First thing to understand is streaming , which is done from the internet and not your computer.
    An option for you is to get a medium sized tv, prices are very reasonable and with black friday and cyber monday coming up sales will abound.
    To go along with the tv I would get a blue ray player becasuse they can connect either wired or wirelessly and you can stream netflix and various other video options like Amazon and Hulu.
    The setting up of a wireless network will allow the blue ray to also access your computer and the shared folders to play your music and any videos that are on the computer.
  2. Thanks inzone

    OK - I got the 'streaming' vs 'internet content' impression from another post on this forum : (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/27691-43-wirelessly-stream-media-computer) in which someone said: " Using your TV as a display for your PC is completely different than streaming content from your PC to the TV. I know it sounds similar, but they’re not. If you want to use your TV for display purpose (i.e., surf the ‘net), . . " So, since I just want to view the internet on my TV (or monitor) I assumed that was not "streaming". But perhaps the distinction doesn't matter.

    From what I understand, a blu-ray player or other 'internet' device like Roku, will allow you to watch 'subscription' content off the internet - like Netflix, Amazon etc. But I've not seen anything that indicates these options will allow my to watch USA network, or CBS. Without an actual TV, I watch the couple of TV shows I like (NCIS for example) straight off the network website a couple days after the episode airs. So, unless I'm mistaken, a blu-ray doesn't entirely solve my problem.

    Unless I'm really confused! Which is always possible.

    Appreciate your reply.

  3. Well the connection of the computer and blue ray on the network is what you want to have and from there you can adjust what you want to do. Since the blue ray can now see the computer on the network you have the connection between the two and you can make available to the blue ray what you have on the computer.
    One way is to record the tv shows that you want to see at a later time and then let the blue ray play them from a shared folder on the computer. The other way is to have the tv in the living room and watch the programs as they are aired. Another option is tivo and record your shows or a dvr from your local cable company.
    I have direct tv and it comes with a dvr which we set to record programs that ordinarily would miss because of circumstances.
    There are a lot of options to have setup what you need and it's just a matter of finding the best one for you.
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