Seeking advice on setting up a small network

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some advice. I'm the so-called IT guy at work, but I'm really not well versed in the networking side of things and I've been asked to network our new office.

I have adsl coming in through a Draytek 2830N modem. I have a Netgear GS116 router. And I have 8 PCs, all running Win7.

I'd like to get them a) all on the net and b) sharing folders and a network printer.

I guess I plug the router into the modem, then each pc into the router but what I'm wondering is what settings to put in the PCs (i've set up all the net access in our current office, with instruction so I'm used to dealing with all the dialogs).

I've tried google, of course, but it's so hit and miss to get the exact info.

If anyone can help, or point me at a decent guide or book, I'd be most grateful!

Thanks, all

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  1. Probably your best information source is from Draytek. Between the product user manual and FAQs you should be in good shape. If you run into any specific issues just post them here.

    The Netgear device is just a switch, but yes you attach all the computers and the Draytek modem/router to the ports on the switch. If you don't use it, turn off the Draytek wireless, and most of your setup will be in the Draytek, although you will have to configure each computer to automatically obtain an IP address (or set up a static address as you wish) as well as to allow sharing and security for the group or each individually depending on your requirements.
  2. Thanks, I did wonder if it was as simple as setting "obtain an ip address" (unlike right now where I specify all the details). We will be using the wifi, but not as part of the day to day network which is a lan.

    Many thanks
  3. Yes, you can turn the DHCP service on in the Drayteck and just have each computer obtain an address -- network control panel, change adapter settings, right click on the adapter, select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties, then click the top box.

    Then just secure your wireless with WPA2 with AES encryption and change your Draytek login password and username from the default.
  4. Thanks for that, hopefully it'll all go well next week :)
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