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i dont understand audio hook ups...

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December 20, 2002 2:44:38 AM

ok... i have and nforce mobo that supports 6 channel sound... i have brand spankin new logitech z-680 5.1 speakers. there are 3 jacks that go from the digital encoder (or whatever the hell its called) to the sound card. the card has 4 inputs.. r/l rr/ll center bass and an rca jack. also there is the normal speaker inputs on the mobo itself. i i cant get the middle speaker and the back to work at the same time... i have one thing plugged into the mobo speaker jack and one in the r/l on the card. when i try plugging the remaining male end into the card, i get nothing from it.... but when i unplug the l/r and plug the other one in there, i get center channel. the mobo manual says there is a jumper for "center bass invert" should i jump this? what am i doing wrong?

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December 20, 2002 3:25:05 PM

Im pretty sure that's because it's for surround sound.. only certain DVD movies you will hear [-peep-] from the back.. Ex: If a plane is wizzing by you.. then you will hear the effects in the back as the plane flys by.. also the center is mainly for VOICE.. usually only DIALOG comes through the center channal.. Fool around with your settings and [-peep-].. like Cinema sound or some functions like that

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December 20, 2002 7:25:54 PM

OK, by the sound of it, it's mainly a driver setting. First, ignore the RCA jack; it's only good for SPDIF digital output, not for speakers. I'm also slightly confused why it would have 8 channels of output for 6 channel sound, but I'm guessing one set is doubled. Plug the front jack into the r/l jack, the rear into the rr/ll jack, and the center/base into it's jack. Open up the mixer utility that was loaded with the drivers (I'm assuming this, I don't have the nforce mobo). There should be an option to switch between 2, 4 and 6 channel sound. You have to engage the 6 channel sound for it to work correctly.

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December 21, 2002 12:07:06 PM

I guess i was way off.. sorry bro

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December 21, 2002 9:13:10 PM

I thought the Z-680's have a Dolby Digital/DTS decoder? If so one way to set up the speakers would be to connect the RCA digital output from the nForce2 to the similar digital input of the Z-680's and ignore the analog hookups. One cable from the computer to speaker console, couldn't be easier.

I would think you would then use the Windows sound control panel to activate digital output (instead of analog).

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December 21, 2002 10:59:26 PM

yes they do... but i didnt know what it did. i am gonna try that hook up now.... thanks, i will let you know.

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December 21, 2002 11:19:20 PM

Let us know how you like the sound of those speakers.

I still think they are pricey compared to the old Z-560s but they look cool and they have the digital decoder and remote control.

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December 23, 2002 5:04:04 AM

well, its workin great, but i cant find the apu interface... i installed all the latest nvidia drivers, but apparently that is no longer included. i cant find my old one either.... grrrrr. there is no fader or anything.... the thing that sucks about the nforce sound is that you cant tweak it in any way.

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December 23, 2002 5:19:32 AM

they are pricey compared to their older counterparts, but when you compare them to similar setups, they are not too bad. i had klipsch pro media 4.1's prior to these. i loved em for "raw power" etc.... (loud distorted metal with the guys over and beers etc....) but they had a high "hiss" or white noise to them. these speakers, although maybe not as loud are MUCH clearer. i can listen to mozart, then play wolfenstein, then crank black label society and i get no clipping, hiss or anything. when there is no sound going through them, youd swear they were off, unlike others. these speakers are well worth the money... even though i dont know a lot about the particulars, and what i can really do with these, i am very particular about what i think sounds good....if something sounds bad, i have no problem throwing it right out into the street, as ive done previously with other sound cards and mobos..... these speakers sound very very good. i hope some of this helps.... : )

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December 23, 2002 6:45:52 PM

I take it you finally got the Z-680's working properly.

I've only recently started thinking about decent speakers for my PC. For years I used Cambridge Soundworks "Soundworks" 2.1 speakers. 7 or 8 years ago they were pricey for PC speakers, $200 I think, but a lot better than the freebies that one used to get with PC's of the day. However, they were terrible compared to even my hodge-podge home theater system (Marantz receiver, NAD amps, combination of Vandersteen and Boston Acoustics speakers). I always wanted something better and I could get something better but for the longest time sub-$200 PC speakers sounded like crap. $200 was my cutoff for dedicated PC speakers. Anything costlier and I'd rather put the money toward improving my main sound system.

Then I was blown away by the ridiculously cheap Z-340's. (2.1 speakers. Didn't have room for a second surround system). They don't play loud enough for a party or anything like that but they are plenty for gaming and I don't cringe when listening to music. Clear highs and solid (but not room shaking) bass, as long as the sub is moved one foot or more from any wall. Midrange is too soft and lower bass is tilted way too high (but not overly distorted). Complaints aside, I never thought I'd ever say anything good about $40 speakers. I'm impressed with all of Logitech's speakers (technology purchased from Pulse).

Anyway, I'll eventually be moving toward placing a PC at the center of the home theater system and may not need dedicated PC speakers. Although, it is nice not to turn the whole sound system on just to use the computer. Maybe I'll spring for the Z-560's (not Z-680's) after all.

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