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Hi everyone !

I am having a problem in setting up my Router. Its "TP-LINK WR 720N". I have a LAN connection in the main PC and a further dialer like thing with user name and password is executed to access the internet. Each of the customers have diff IDs and passwords based on the bandwidth of the connection. The problem is that first am i connecting the Router in the right way? I put the main LAN cable into the Router's WAN port and the Other Ethernet wire i put is that from PC's Lan port to Router's LAn port. Is this right? I am confused because in the guide a modem is also mentined and i think thats for DSL users...

If i use the above settings, my LAN gets connected and the dialer also works and gets connected but when i access the internet from it, that doesn't work and no webpage opens.

Similarly, the Wireless connetion is displayed in the Laptop and when i access it, it gets connected, but it has a yellow exclamation mark in it, and the same goes here that the internet does not work. My internet connection id fine because i am sing internet no using main Lan ports of Pc, so i guess the problem i s with my Settings...

Please help and exclude any mistakes

I will highly appreciate.. :ange:
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  1. Wall --> Modem --> Router's LAN port.

    PC --> Router's ports 1-4, not LAN port.
  2. sory i am unable to understand, I dont have a modem, its LAN and the connection just goes into PC lan port..
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