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Fun and games with my studio hybrid

January 7, 2013 6:43:11 PM

I have recently installed a switch on my network as I have several devices such as a wd live hub and a bt vision box and wanted to eliminate the need for powerline adapters.
After some effort I relocated my bt home hub so that the cable run to the bt vision and wd box did not exceed 10metres so they would operate without powerline and so far so good.
As the pc is elsewhere I ran an Ethernet calendar to it, checked it with my cat 5 tester and thought it would be fine using the Realtek gigabyte nic, sadly not. It seems I get cable disconnected messages every 5 seconds and know that it is not cable related as I also have a laptop in the same room. Luckily my pc has a wireless card on board so I can use that but this only gives me 55mps while the laptop runs at 100.
The result is a 3.5mbyte per second copy rate to the wd live hub, I got the same speed via powerline adapters so you can imagine how annoyed I am with Realtek.
To compound things I have the same make of dell studio hybrid in another room with the same Realtek on board LAN and that runs fine at 100mps.
Both studio hybrids run win 7 ultimate and the same drivers, should I go to win 8 or even Xl if it would help speed up my network?

I should mention I am ccna and win muse so don't be scared to give me detailed response as I have tried all the usual settings on the card and currently am looking for alternate drivers out of desperation.