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Hello, I need some guidance on how to create a small computer lab. I own a private tutoring class and i want to expand into computer programing. I am planning on purchasing about 10 computers to begin with. However, i want go create a small server so that each student has their own log in id# and all their files are only accessed when they log in. I just want to find out how i would be able to do this as ive seen this at public schools. cost is not too much of an issue
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  1. Most of what I know about computing I've learned on my own accord. But, I can tell you this, cost will become an issue eventually. Servers can be unbelievably expensive. As up to $3000 for just one professional grade server. If you just want a computer that acts as a server you can lower this price quite a bit.
    Mainly, you will need to purchase the computers, which you can do at a local store. Or, try They're a great site, and their customer satisfaction is excellent. I've personally put thousands into their online store, and I highly recommend them for all computer parts.
    I would go with a wired network, more secure that way. Also, you may want to brush up on any networking knowledge, if you don't know too much about it. Particularly DNS. Other than that feel free to fire off questions, and I will try and answer.
    Its 2013 VMs / VDIs low cost multi core processors = amazing low cost servers and workstations. Build a couple of low cost multi core or even multi core + multi socket server. AMD has some great cost on their 8 core / 12 core server processors even thier 8 core desktop processor are low cost and amazing for virtualization. Stack tons of memory and some inexpensive HDs and you have yourself 4 + server. Build 2 of those and you know have 4 -8 if not more Desktops with VDI. Build some super cheap... I mean cheap thin clients you now have a class full of developers / system engineers and network engineers. GL.. have fun.
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