Win7 64 bit wont install on ssd raid

I have been trying to get windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed onto a raid I created with two ocz agility 3 ssds. Everytime I try loading the drivers at install it gives me an error stating the drivers are unsigned and to install a 32 bit OS. When installing a 32 but OS, the install works normal and the computer runs fine. I am just wondering why it wont install for 64 bit considering I would much rather run 64 bit. I went to both the MoBo's website and the main companys website for the chipset drivers (AMD) but have both turned up with the same error. Any thoughts as to why ?

MoBo = Biostar TA75M
CPU = A6-3650
2x OCZ Agility 3 60gb SSDs (2.22 firmware)
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  1. Which drivers did you try to install?
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