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I bought this gizmo from a Sydney online dealer hoping it would increase the distance I could take my Ipad and iPhone from the modem however I am a little lost setting it up.

It is a Blueway UltraSpeed BT-N9500 Super Speed High-Power Wireless Access Point.

I have Win 7 Home on the Laptop box I am trying to use it on.

It installed the driver okay and says it is ready for use.

But that is where I am lost.. How to use it?

Should it be attached to the remote unit (Laptop) or the Desktop Win 7 Pro one near the modem/router?

Hopefully someone has also bought it or knows about it and can help me...please :-)

It came with a small CD titled 'Bieni' however I can't seem to get it to help me.

The tiny badly written install sheet does nothing to help.

This is it here..


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  1. Usually with a range extender or similar equipment when you are running the install it tells you to plug the device into a wall socet in the room where the router is so it can lock in the signal. Then once it does and you can see the device in your devices and printers page you then take and plug it into a wall socket at a spot half way or a little more between the router and where you want to use your device to connect to your network.
  2. are you trying to setup you desktop as an Access Point?

    what kind of Modem/Router do you have?

    the device you bought seems to be a N-wireless network card with a 13dB antenna.
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