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These are some questions that I'm always curious about, wondering if you guys could answer it for me :)

1) For example ,I'm on a public WiFi, can any random pro hacker hack my account?? Like for example ,I'm on facebook or other sites that required login, are they able to hack it???

2) How easy can WiFi password be hacked?? from range of 1-10 ,do I require special knowledge in order to do this??

3) Does our internet service providcer know every single things we do online?? even sites login details

thanks ! :)
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  1. 1. Yes. I use a VPN service when I am on public wifi.

    2. When you are on a public wifi there is no password. Do you mean your home wifi?

    3. If you are logging into a secure server (HTTPS), then no, your ISP only knows what pages you are accessing but not what they contain.
  2. 2) yeah i mean home wifi
  3. It depends on your exact router security settings.
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