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my task bar icon shows the bars and the red cross even when i am connected i dosent hapen the first time i conect but then it disconects and has this problem need help please!!! it is very annoying
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  1. So, are you connected at all to the internet or not? If it keeps disconnecting, try updating the wireless card driver and see if that helps.
  2. I am conected with 56KB Modem then it disconects in an amount of time between 60 to 90 min, when i conect again the icon doesnt change and i start opening pages etc while the icon shows the empty bars with the red cross so if the conexion fails i dont know until i click something and its super bad for writing long sentences like this if click without beeing conected i have to start again
  3. Open your network connections and make sure you don't have extra network connections created and enabled.
  4. I checked and no i dont have any other created conections enabled think it could be a virus now im having the same problem with the audio icon and yes i can here my speakers and it says the audio service is not running
    i use microsoft security essentials and it doesnt find any virus as today i havnt had the conection icon problem and i have connected and disconected several times today is this crazy??????
  5. Restart the PC. Boot into safe mode with networking (f8 on startup). Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Do a full system scan.

    If you have an infection, that should get it.
  6. ill try that and tell how it goes thanks
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