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Hey everyone, im having issues with my connection somehow.
everything runs flawlessly and i never disconnect from anything unless im on black ops 2, then about every 20-30min I disconnect from my game and it says "disconnected from black ops servers", But i instantly can connect to the internet again afterwards.
like my internet drops just long enough to get kicked from my game, and then it goes back up. its very frustrating since when it disconnects like that my online game progress is not saved...
someone please help me. thank you

p.s my skype drops for a split second as well.
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  1. Is your routers NAT open , moderate or strict ? Are you connecting by the 5 ghz band or the 2.4 ghz band ? Signal strength ?
    As a test can you connect to the router by ethernet cable and play the game to see if it still does the disconnect ?
  2. NAT is set to open. my signal is constantly as highest bars, and i use a range extender, and ill try to wire it and see if it persists. how can i check my ghz band?
  3. You can check the ghz band in the routers internal setting and you can disable either one to see which is better.
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