16X DVD drive running @2x

As it says in the topic my DVD drive is only going at 2 speed. Now I think it is most likely be to do with my ASPI drivers perhaps?
Anyway, i know its this speed as sisoftsandra plus some dvdripping software says it is.

The only other important thing is, I flashed onto the bios a long time ago a patch to make it region free. It is also possible I guess that this is the cause. Anyway, I would appreciate it if you guys have any suggestions as to how I can work out the cause of the problem. I tried updating my ASPI drivers using the adaptec thing from their website to the latest.

Anyway, I'm really just curious if it is likely to be bad drivers, or the hardware that needs a new firmware, I didnt think the one I flashed in caused the problem at the time, but it is possible as I never normally use the drive for anything other than watching a DVD, so 2X is 2X more than what it needs for that. The drive is a Toshiba SD-1502.

Thanks in advance for any advice, or software links to quickly limit down the possibilities. As a final note, the bios still reports the drive as a 16X DVD Rom which makes me think its more likely to be a software problem - or is the firmware just limiting the speed internally

A Life, where can i download one of those from?
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  1. can also be due to poor media... and also that UDMA is not enabled, or has been disabled for some reason.

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