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Hi guys gona make this short i think, i have searched the board but no real answer. my 3rd set of klipsch speakers bit the dust today, they wont replace them, and i am broke so i thought i would hook up to my home theater for sound. i have the 1/8 digital out on my sound blaster 5.1, do i get a stereo adapter, to turn it into 2 rca plugs, or can i get an adapter to turn it into 1 rca and hook up to the pcm on the back of the reciever. will the adapter that turns it into 2 rca plugs give you some surround sound. thanks guys, so much for the short question,,,,,,,,lol

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  1. Just run a cable from the digital out on your sound blaster to a digital input on your stereo. You can buy this cable from Radio Shack and usually techie type sales person will be their to help you if you have questions.

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