Help, Windows 7 freezes and BSOD

My problem started about a month ago and here's what happened.

Start: Computer randomly freezes (internet, playing music, games, or even when it's booting). When it freezes, everything is stuck, even power/reset switch doesn't work. I have to pull the power cord just to cut the power.
1st week: I disconnect all not necessary components and hooked up the basics, (OS drive, wired internet, PS/2 keyboard, and USB wireless mouse: Logitech G700). ran the system, I would normally do and no freezing at all.
2nd week: I reconnect all of my other components back, ran it again and no freezing as well.
3rd week: The freezing came back, I revert back to just the basic components and it freezes too.
Now it's up to a point, I have a hard time getting Windows 7 to start. All I get up to is the Windows 7 logo, BSOD, and restarts. I have to power off the system a few times before Windows 7 will load. When it does I can use it, but will freeze whenever it feels like it. When it freezes, I have to pull the cord, and again the BSOD comes back.

- I tried 2 new power supplies and it's still have the same problem
- Tried Windows 7 repair, BSOD
- Used last known good configuration, BSOD
- Boot from safemode, system gets stuck as CLASSPNP.SYS and BSOD
- Want to format, I boot from my Windows 7 DVD and even that causes a BSOD! :heink:

When I manage to get into Windows, I took at look at the BSOD error and there was two of them.
Both says it's caused by ntoskrnl.exe, but I it's the OS as it even BSOD when I'm booting from my Win 7 disc.

One other problem I had from start was my computer will restart every time I shutdown. That was solved as I found out the problem was caused by a faulty slot on my motherboard. For my freezing problem, can it be something else or has my motherboard got worse?
Help please, thanks!

Here are my specs:
Intel Xeon X3350 (Core 2 Quad Q9450)/Asus Rampage Formula (socket 775)/4GB DDR2 800/ATi HD5850/GT240 Physx/WD 500GB Black (OS)/WD 500GB Blue/WD 1TB Green/Antec 850/Win7 Ultimate x64 w/SP1
My motherboard is about 4-5 years old in case anyone is wondering.
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  1. It would seem that you have some kind of hardware failure - either the ram or the mobo would be my first suspects with the issues you describe. Try to eliminate ram as a problem by booting with 1 ram module installed (or 2GB if Win7 64bit and you have 1GB modules). Try each module. If there is one that consistantly causes issues, that could be your culprit. If there is no change in behaviour of the computer between ram modules, then it'll probably be a mobo issue.
  2. Try memtest86
  3. I have four 1GB sticks and when I try it one stick at a time, I get up to a point where it just gives me a black screen with a blinking cursor on the top left will not go any further.
    I'll do some further testing to see what it is and I'll run memtest86 to see if my ram has any errors or not.

    Update: I ran memtest86 and memtest86+ both have no errors on ram. Now my system is working fine, but who know when it'll act up again...
  4. Run memtest and seatools for DOS

    Testing hardware should always be the first step in these types of situations. Easy to do and usually yields results
  5. I have run memtest86 and even memtest86+ and both came with no errors.
    Don't have Seagate HDDS, just WD so I'll run the WD diagnostics to see if HDD has any physical errors, but chkdsk came up as good.
    I've tried to boot from my Win7 disc, this time it boots (no BSOD). I managed to format and run a clean install.
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