Local Area Connection on xp shows unplugged. Wireless network with a new Linksy

On windows xp I bought a new Linksys router for my wireless system. Everything works but the HP printer. Keeps showing that my Local Area Connection is unplugged. Can someone please help! Thanks!

Judy C
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  1. Silly question but have you actually plugged the printer into one of the network ports on the router using an ethernet cable?

    I assume your printer is network capable? If so how is it configured hardware wise - Auto/100mb/10Mb....full or half duplex (it may be that your routers network ports are hard configured to a certain speed/duplex in which case the printer has to match it)

    If in doubt set both to 'Auto'

    Or you might have a dodgy ethernet cable. Try one you know works to connect the printer.

    Hope this helps
  2. Yes, it is plugged in with an ethernet cable. On network connections - my local area connection says network cable unplugged?? and my wireless network connection is fine. I know quite a bit about computers, but not alot about networks as I am pretty new at this. Is the local area connection suppose to be working? Since everything else on my network (router) is working fine, I didn't think this was abnormal, but I am trying to tell you everything that is going on. I checked how the hardware is configured, and all of that is configured correctly. I actually uninstalled the printer, and tried to reinstall it (I of course have the disc that came with the printer), but the router still will not pick up the printer. Don't know what to do or what to try, so if you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate them! THank you so much for answering my first problem!!

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