Why arent i connecting to my internet

please can somebody answer this and stay with me on this
i built a new pc and i installed windows 7 oem 64 bit
now i installed all the drives including the INTEL LAN driver
now on the bottom right corner it has an a red x and says there is no internet connection available
yet the wireless router is connected and my laptop and my moms tablet is connected to the wireless network
when i troubleshoot it says plug in a ethernet cable and i dont have one i have a wireless connection and when i look at the driver on device manager it says network adapter is working properly yet when i go to the control panel i look at the network adapter it says network cable unplugged but everything is connected
i have a asus p8z77-v mobo which i know has onboard wifi so tell me how to connect to the internet pleasssssssssssssssssssssse :) :)
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    did you install the "WiFi Go!" card and the antennas?

    does it show a wireless network card in the Device Manager?

    have you checked the BIOS if you have to enable the wireless network card?
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